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Precision Metal Cutting Service


Waterjet cutting offers a number of cost saving benefits and advantages over more antiquated technologies. Browse each of the following sections to learn more about this innovative process.


Rapid Setup


Waterjets can be setup rapidly. There is no tooling or extensive fixturing. This means that low quantities can be produced as efficiently as high quantities. This is perfect for lean strategies. A part can go from design to finished production in a matter of minutes.


High Accuracy


Waterjets are capable of cutting materials to within +/- .004”. Using the Tilt-A-Jet, taper is minimized and accuracies can be sustained on thick materials.


Extreme Versatility


Waterjets can machine an almost endless variety of materials. A waterjet can cut 1½” steel, switch to 1/16” plastic and then 1” granite, all in the course of a day or even an hour!


Cuts Difficult Materials


Both hardened materials and gummy materials are easily cut.


Cuts Thin Materials


Very thin materials such as thin plastics or shim stock can be cut with no problem.


Cuts Thick Materials


Materials up to 5 or 6 inches thick can be cut.


No Heat


Waterjet cutting is a cold process. This precision metal cutting process does not put any heat into the material. Therefore you do not get a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). You won’t experience any distortion or warping either. Parts can be handled immediately after cutting.


No Secondary Operations


Waterjets cut extraordinarily clean. Parts can be taken directly from the machine with minimal secondary operations.


Minimal Kerf


Waterjets provide maximum material utilization. Parts can be nested extremely close and sometimes use common lines. The cutting path is .030 inches wide.




Can often stack materials to save money.


The advantages are endless!










Advantages vs. Laser

  • Waterjets cut reflective materials (aluminum and copper are perfect precision machining materials)

  • No heat- No distortion or hardening

  • Higher tolerance than many lasers

  • Waterjets can cut thicker materials

Advantages vs. EDM

  • Waterjets are much faster

  • Waterjets cut a much wider variety of materials

  • Waterjets can cut larger parts

  • No surface heating

Advantages vs. Plasma, Fine Plasma and Flame Cutting

  • Waterjets provide a much nicer edge finish

  • No heat, no distortion or hardening

  • Waterjets are much more precise

  • Waterjets can cut more materials

Advantages vs. Milling

  • Faster Setup

  • One tool

  • Simple fixtures

  • Easier programming

  • Can cut brittle, hardened and difficult materials with ease

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