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DFW Waterjet is a startup design and fabrication business which specializes in using precision waterjet machining capabilities to process materials.


DFW Waterjet or “Dal-Jet” is a spin off from Midland Waterjet which has been successfully operating in West Texas for the past 10 years.



West Texas is a difficult environment for a waterjet manufacturing operation. Waterjets require pure water and the West Texas public water is extremely impure, high in calcium.


West Texas is at the end of the supply chain with any materials, parts, or  service assistance having to be brought in from a minimum of 300 miles away (6 hour drive).


As a result of these hardships Midland Waterjet had to learn to be self-sufficient and creative in its operating methods. They had to be a true job shop with flexibility to use their waterjet techniques to process a vast variety of applications. It is not uncommon for Midland Waterjet to process 8 to 12 different types of material each day.


Midland Waterjet has developed technicians who know the machines inside and out and can quickly get a broken machine back up and running.



Midland Waterjet has customer service second to none with complete guarantee of satisfaction.


Midland Waterjet has paired itself with with the OMAX Corporation who manufactures the most advanced waterjet equipment in the world. An OMAX machine’s main strength is its software and there is no better waterjet software.


In January 2016, Midland Waterjet’s parent company created DFW Waterjet and Design to be able to bring the techniques and manufacturing know how back east to the DFW metroplex. We think we can offer superior quality and customer service and product value to clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth marketplace.


DFW Waterjet and Design will focus on helping clients design and develop new products with advanced design capabilities and prototype development assistance, and manufacturing engineering services.



DFW Waterjet will also serve the traditional waterjet marketplace as a resource for other manufacturers and fabricators in the region.








DFW Waterjet uses waterjet fabrication in ways no other company would think of.

Machine Manufacturer

Midland, Texas

Outstanding customer service, they quote and deliver on-time at reasonable prices. 

Machine Shop

Dallas, Texas

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Come get to know all about the people who started our Company over 10 years ago. 

The Waterjet Specialists


Get to know about the ones who make your products possible!

Meet the Office Staff


Get to know all about the first people you speak with at our Company!

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