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Texas’ Premier Waterjet Cutting Service


Waterjet machining is the fastest growing machining process in the world. It uses water pressurized up to 55,000 psi to cut quickly and cleanly through materials. With the addition of garnet to the water stream, virtually any material can be cut.


The waterjet process coupled with advanced CAD and CNC technologies offers unparalleled accuracy and design versatility. With its inherent flexibility, the waterjet can be used for endless varieties of creative applications and can provide excellent cost savings over other cutting methods.


Midland Waterjet and DFW Waterjet & Design use OMAX products, which we believe to be the fastest and most accurate waterjet equipment available. We utilize OMAX Tilt-a-Jet technology that adjusts the waterjet stream to compensate for and eliminate virtually all material taper.


Because the waterjet stream is a “floppy tool,” quality levels will vary with cut speed. The speed and quality can be optimized to whatever levels are required for the application.


Waterjet quality levels are specified in a range from 1 to 5. A quality level of 1 is the fastest and least accurate. Level 5 is the slowest and most accurate. It is important to determine quality requirements because it can significantly affect cost.


Waterjet can cut through a variety of materials, so there’s no reason to delay. Contact our team, and learn more about our impressive cutting capabilities. We’re sure to offer the perfect service to suit your needs.

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Omax 80160 JetMachining Center
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